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Welcome to! You will never listen to hotter beats for sale online or on the radio. Period. The thing is, we’ve broken down the art of trap music and understood on every level, mentally and emotionally how trap beats turn people up!

Not only that, but we’ve taken that to another level with our coveted mixing secrets. We are using mixing techniques that far exceed those dirty south instrumentals you hear on the radio. Hood instrumentals have a way of putting people in a certain mindset. After a lot of research as to how and why it does, we’ve learned how to manipulate different frequencies in order to making people feel a certain way, particularly with the bass we use in our exclusive beats for sale. This isn't Soundclick.

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Honestly, it doesn’t matter WHAT you sound like on our tracks, the tracks alone will make your songs sound like they should have been on the radio yesterday. I hope you understand this. If you listen to what’s on the radio today, you will agree that it doesn’t matter what you sound like. Now if you are a dope artist as well, which we hope you are, you will call for even more attention. Head over to the licenses page see what lease works for you!

The Science

It’s all science! Literally, the sound waves being sent from our music to the human brain tells them to think a certain way. Don’t believe us? Look up “binaural beats”. That is just the tip of the iceberg of our research, but as you can see, the brain responds different ways to different frequencies. There are many other types of “beats” or frequencies used for other reasons, but we studied the ones that give you life and put you in that ‘trap or die’ mode. You could even play these instrumental beats for your grandmother. Watch her start to move!
We offer high-quality beats to aspiring recording artists across the globe
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